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How would you like to create time warps and use them to work at warp speed? Most people who use computers will spend up to 100,000 hours during their lifetimes working at computer keyboards. JDN Speed can save you most of that time with time warps. See the description of "time warps" at www.jdnspeedtyping.com for details. If you are willing to commit just five minutes per day for the training, you can become fifteen percent faster after one hour's training and twenty-five percent faster after two hours. Ultimately you can increase your speed by a factor of five or six. JDN Speed is freeware for Windows that specifically targets the keyboard. It works with any Windows application including word processing, email, data entry, spreadsheets, instant messaging and teleconferencing. It's not limited to typing speed - but that is the launch point. For more information visit www.jdnspeedtyping.com. Better yet, get the free download and browse through the help system for a complete description. The most compelling case can be made for children. Do you have any children or grandchildren? See the remarks about children at www.jdnspeedtyping.com. JDN Speed is free for children, free for your non-commercial use and free for use in schools and libraries.


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