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JDN Hotkeys is a freeware hotkey manager for Windows. It includes a set of demos that show you the basics as well as some innovative and advanced ways you can use hotkeys. Hotkeys are a wonderful way for you to save time and energy. If you are new to hotkeys, the demos make it easy for you to take one step at a time. You don't have to learn the whole thing before you can begin using JDN Hotkeys. In fact, if you will just try the first demo, you will quickly get a feel for what hotkeys can do for you. If you are experienced with hotkeys, the demos will give you a "hands on" experience with some advanced techniques including "chained hotkeys", "snap backs", "nested hotkeys", "assignable hotkeys", "looping hotkeys", "data hotkeys" and "window commands". Many power users consider hotkeys to be an absolute must because they save time by eliminating the drudgery of repetitive typing and they save energy by automating repetitive sequences. In fact, using hotkeys may be the one of the best things you can do for your computer experience. If you'd like to try the demos, get the free download and install JDN Hotkeys. Then click on "demos". You can learn more at www.jdnspeedtyping.com/hot or better yet, get the free download and browse the help system for a full description. Three unique features: 1) Only tool in its class to incorporate a keyboard hook which enables you to produce English names words and phrases while handling punctuation, spacing and capitalization automatically. 2) Only tool in its class to provide "assignable hotkeys" which enable you to assign values to hotkeys dynamically. 3) Window commands enable you to boost speed and productivity by using the keyboard to manage windows instead of the mouse.

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