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JDN Reserve is freeware for Windows that enables you to clean your drives in minutes instead of hours. It doesn't actually do any wiping or scrubbing. It just enables you to do that more quickly. JDN Reserve only takes a second to run and you can always delete any or all of the reserved space instantly and without any problems. What does it mean to reserve space and why is that a good thing to do? With the recent dramatic rise in identity theft, people are becoming aware of a serious Windows security problem. Here is the problem in a nutshell: When you delete a file, it is not really deleted. Its name is removed from the directory but its data lingers on your drive. So, when you upgrade, sell or discard a computer, people can recover that data. When you delete data, it becomes vulnerable. People now use wiping or scrubbing utilities to ensure all deleted files are fully erased. But there is a problem with those utilities. They take hours to run. The time required depends on how thoroughly you choose to clean your drives, but on my Pentium 4, it takes from three to six hours to clean my 60 gig hard drive. Clearly, that kind of running time precludes people from cleaning as often as they should. But there is an answer. JDN Reserve never takes more than a second to run because it doesn't actually write files. It just creates them so that the space cannot be used for anything else. In this way, deleted files are restricted to the small area which does not contain any of your actual files or any of the reserved files. And you can always quickly and easily delete any or all of the reserved files or reserve more space, depending on your needs.

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