Handy Finance for Palm



Money management and expense tracking for Palm. Reports, analysis, planning, accounting. Desktop module, export to Excel. Handy Finance is intended for mobile personal and small business money management. It is a Palm OS expense tracking software and allows the user and to answer the frequently asked questions like "How much money do I have?", "What incomes and expenses are planned?", "What have I spent my money on?" and many others. Handy Finance has following features: - expense and income tracking, - interface is simple and similar to Palm OS, - powerful tools for reports and search, - debts and mutual accounting, - planning, - many currencies and convenient tool for converting currencies, - money movement between different accounts, - security settings, - freeware lite version allows much more than most of simpler paid programs of this class, - freeware PC desktop module with open source allows to see all data, make reports and save to Excel.

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