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HandyPrint prints 1, 2, 4 or 6 pages per sheet, and also supports booklet format. Most Windows applications, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Internet Explorer, and Netscape Navigator, Adobe Acrobat Reader can print with HandyPrint. HandyPrint can wait for a sheet to "fill up" before sending it to the printer, so output from multiple programs can be combined. Printer output can be saved as "self-printing file". The file prints itself to a printer without any application program. "Self-printing files" can optionally have a preview function. Duplex printing is supported. Manual duplexing is provided if your printer does not have duplex capability built-in. Page number, Page frame and Page border styles can be selected. Preview with Zoom/Unzoom functionality to verify the page before printing. Remote printers are supported. No dependences on printer venders nor models.

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