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602Pro PRINT PACK is a low-cost, easy-to-use PDF conversion tool, which perfectly suites the needs of any Windows user who is looking for fast, one click document conversion. It works independently from AdobeR AcrobatR and supports any Windows 9x/NT/ME/2000/XP application that can print. Create a document in your favorite word processor, spreadsheet or other application, convert it with PRINT PACK and then send it instantly with your default e-mail client. Single user and 25 multi-user licensing is available. Cost Effective Solution: 602Pro PRINT PACK utilizes graphic printer output for conversion into a non-editable PDF file. This allows for custom page sizes and orientation, page color and different file resolutions. The included Print2PDF printer driver supports virtually any Windows application for one click PDF conversion. The Convert2PDF batch processing application allows multiple office documents to be converted into PDF files at once. Close integration with MS Outlook & Outlook Express guarantees convenient and automated e-mail delivery of your PDF files. PRINT PACK assures the documents authenticity by allowing the user to add an image stamp/signature to the PDF file. The non-editable graphic nature of PRINT PACK's PDF files provides increased content security and allows foreign documents to be viewed without installing foreign fonts into AdobeR's FREE AcrobatR Reader.

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