Fleet Maintenance Pro

Project Management


Fleet Maintenance Pro tracks and organizes preventive maintenance for vehicles and/or equipment. FMP will automatically calculate maintenance due for a vehicle and issue reports, detailing the required maintenance that is due. Up to 100 user-defined maintenance items can be assigned for each vehicle. These items can be tracked by month, mileage, or hour intervals. When maintenance is performed, it can be easily recorded into the software. Parts, labor, service provider, and costs can be tracked for each maintenance entry. A maintenance history will be maintained for all preventive maintenance, repairs, inspections, and costs associated with each. A parts and vendor database is also available. Registration, warranty, insurance, fueling, and other general information can be recorded for each vehicle. A wide range of detailed reports are included, along with the ability to customize to fit your needs. All reports have the ability to be exported to external files, databases, or spreadsheets for further an


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