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  • Developer: Stephan Weber
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  • License type: Commercial
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Smith chart program with many high-level features ans some enhancements to previous versions (Look at the help file for details on the extensions). It is also be integrated to the complete information based system for electrical engineering ELEKTA. With CSmith you can design matching networks in a similar way to the conventional Smith diagram, but there is anumber of new features included elements includes parasitics, also transistors and S-parameter blocks are available, easy modifying, rearranging, loading and saving of circuits, export of S-parameters and the total circuit, performs frequency sweeps and Monte-Carlo analysis, displays power gain or return loss vs frequency, gives more information likestability factor, MAG, available gain, VSWR, etc., transforms mixed parallel and series RLC combinations). CSmith runs on Windows 95/NT4.0 and higher.

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