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Business Kit (formerly A-Z Organizer) is a multi-functional software you can use to manage your business information database, plan your daily, weekly, monthly tasks, schedules and appointments, categorize business contacts/companies into groups and analyze them by key factors, streamline advertisement budget by trade leads, carry out e-mail marketing campaign with minimal cost and also keep intact many other miscellaneous info. Business Kit supports direct import of business contacts data from Microsoft Outlook Address Book, Microsoft Outlook Express Address Book, Windows Address Book (WAB) and all database and spreadsheet programs including Microsoft Excel, Access, Open Office, CSV files etc. With the multi-user version of the application, many users can share/use a common database via the local network. Business Kit has been developed to cater for the most vital needs of Small and Medium businesses, hence the software combines many features of advanced PIM and miniCRM, but far less bulky and far less expensive than CRM. OUTSTANDING FEATURES OF BUSINESS KIT * Tasks and schedules planner to help you get organized with your daily, weekly, monthly business assignments * Pop-up and/or audio reminder for high-priority tasks and events * Categorizable business contacts information manager in a secure database * Import contacts data from external sources * Snap-shot analyzer of business contacts by key factors * Mailing list compiler with advanced bulk E-mailer for low-cost marketing campaign * Letter writer with correspondence storage system for email messages * Flexible report templates that enable you to export information as reports to your office applications * Database backup option to guard against information loss and file corruption * Multi-user capability for small and medium businesses to share a common information database among numerous employees via local area network (LAN) * Customizable.


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