BMK Auto PDF Bookmarker

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BMK PDF bookmarker offers multiple interactive functions that can bookmark and audit a variety of PDF files quickly and accurately. PDF Files with or without Table of Contents (TOC) can be processed with equal ease. A feature-rich Bookmark Editor allows one to easily edit and finalize the resultant bookmarks. Point-n-Click, TOC Zone, Font-Style processing functions and a robust Editor are all integrated into a powerful yet easy to use bookmarking application. BMK can quickly process PDF files containing a TOC interactively or automatically. For improperly formatted TOCs, bookmarks can be created using BMK's TOC Zone mode. Small files, which do not contain a TOC, can be conveniently bookmarked with the Point-n-Click mode. Large files without a TOC can be bookmarked using the Font and Style option. Files with little formatting or heading structures can also be bookmarked using BMK's Bookmark-by-Keywords option. Scanned PDF files can also be bookmarked easily with BMK's import bookmarks function. BMK can also take Excel data to automatically create bookmarks for multiple PDF files. BMK product line consists of Lite, Standard and Professional versions. BMK Lite plug-in offers comprehensive bookmark generation and editing functions that can be used within Adobe Acrobat. BMK Standard is a stand-alone workbench that offers an array of advanced bookmarking functions. BMK Professional application suite offers watch folders and batch processing to auto process multiple PDF files.


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