Anasoft Scheduler PE

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Anasoft Scheduler PE is a strong and user-friendly personal scheduling tool. It can help you arrange your daily plans in life and work neatly. Tasks to Schedule: 1) Running a program, opening a file, visiting a web site, sending an email, or browsing for something in the file system. 2) Notice (text message + music, sound). 3) Special windows operations (log off current user, reboot/shut down computer). Basic Scheduling Types: 1) Daily, 2) Weekly, 3) Monthly, 4) Once or several times, 5) Repeating, 6) Count down, 7) At logon. Other Features: 1) Optional music or sound during event noticing. 2) Optional waiting time in case your computer is not running when the time of your scheduled task is due. 3) Optional password protection for your private scheduling from being read or modified by any other people. 4) Schedule statistics. 5) Event log.

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