STGuru Standard Edition

Word Processing


Based on comprehensive analysis of user's requirements, STGuru provides full series Simplified Chinese - Traditional Chinese transfer services at professional quality. 1. Full series of professional code transfer services between Simplified Chinese (GBK) and Traditional Chinese (Big5). Based on its leading intelligent code transfer engine, STGuru provides full series of code transfer services at professional quality - clipboard transfer, edit area transfer, file / web page and site transfer. 2. Besides code transfer between GBK and Big5, STGuru also supports code transfer between "Simplified Chinese" and "Traditional Chinese" within the big GBK table (available as an option of edit area transfer). 3. Support Unicode-related transfer in the form of clipboard transfer - Unicode "Simplified Chinese" <-> Unicode "Traditional Chinese" and Unicode/Unicode BE <-> GBK/Big5/UTF-8. 4. Completely supports high-precision GBK/Big5 recognition technique, so the procedures like opening GBK/Big5 files, batch transfer and other transfer related jobs are more intelligent, smoother and more accurate. 5. Dual-edit-area design with complete and independent file and edit functions for each area, very convenient for control editing. 6. Shell integration with Windows Explorer, you can accurately detect and open text files to edit or transfer from corresponding menu command in the context menu of Windows Explorer. 7. Profile management makes it more than a simple code transfer tool. You can conveniently customize STGuru as a desk top sticky note, or a text/file verifier, or a simple notepad, or a code transfer tool, or a text editor.


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