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Abe Lingo Vocabulary Studio (ALVS) is a very special vocabulary builder application. What makes it unique is the way it handles words in your vocabulary, the way it can find new words to put therein, and the way it will let you revise already known words. Some Features: * Vocabularies or parts thereof can easily be shared among users. * ALVS guarantees that your comprehension of a given language will increase in the quickest possible way. (By simply giving you the opportunity to learn the most common words first.) * ALVS will easily find words that are typical for a specific field so that you can understand people in that field in the quickest possible way - even though the particular words themselves may be uncommon. * Exercising new words and revising old ones is painless. In addition to "regular training aids", such as the flash card and the spelling module, ALVS ships with an auto flash feature and a very useful screen saver. * ALVS comes with a powerful Text Laboratory which, to say the least, is very useful when analyzing texts in the language you are studying. * Exposure to words you currently are working on is made hassle free with the Word Safari Plugin for Internet Explorer 5.5 or later. Words on web pages you visit will be highlighted if they are in your "working vocabulary". Then simply moving your mouse cursor over a highlighted word will make your translation pop up. * ALVS ships with a ready to use language data base which holds the scopes (measurements of commonness) for the most common words in English, French, German and Spanish. In addition the DB also holds beginner vocabularies arranged by part of speech type for the following pairs of languages: English-French, French-English, English-German, German-English, English-Spanish and Spanish-English. The DB is extendable with up to two new user defined languages. (Beginner vocabularies contains about 2,000 words per language pair.)


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