Euro truck simulator heavy in title


B. Mets

After the first of january you can easily tranfer, covert the old European currency values to the new EURO

CCNA Exam 640-607 Practice Test Simulator

Savvy Learning Systems Ltd.

Loaded with 450+ highly realistic questions resembling the actual Cisco CCNA exam environment, SavvyEngine CCNA 640-607 practice test simulator will...

Loaded with 430+ highly realistic questions resembling the actual Cisco CCNP/CCIP exam environment, SavvyEngine CCNP/CCIP BSCI 640-901 practice test...


Giuseppe Giurintano


John A. Johnson

Little utility to calculate the different EURO worth value compared to the common European values (Italian language starting project)

Euro truck simulator heavy in description

Account Office


State of the art interface for this accounting software based on 3D pictures and IBM voice synthesis (English, Spanish, French). All accounting...

Account Pro

AccSoft Shareware

User-friendly accounting program for small businesses, institutions, and private users. The program is multi-system (Anglo-American and European)...


Ping Pong Packet

Description Historica1.- Description Historica puzzle of developed Chinese origin for Nokia Series 40 and 60 that J2ME contains with profile MIDP 2.0 and configuration...


Kristof Zerbe

dbzEuro a small however fine euro calculator with a user interface in currently 7 languages, which offers the calculation of end and intermediate...


Bernard Reber

All-in-one business software makes you more money, saves you time and double entry, organizes your finances, retains your best customers and gets you...



Invoice is a software simple and useful for management of invoices. Features: print invoice(caculate EURO), you can mofify or delete an invoice with...

Rolling Stock

Ned F. Reiter

vehicles: MOTORHOMEA low-cost Windows program for record keeping and the production of easy-to-read, accurate reports about your vehicles: MOTORHOME AUTOMOBILES...

FurtherTime (Demo)

Maxim Vorsobine

FurtherTime is a space combat simulator. Extremely realistic 3D modeling and breathtaking dynamics as the most attractive features of the game will...


Maxim Vorsobine

FurtherTime is a space combat simulator. Action takes place in the close neighborhood of the Earth. You fly space fighter and fight against enemy...


Peter Tyack

For those enchanted by heavy trucks, Kenworth and Peterbuilt represent the words of magic. Let the power of those two road warriors drive across your...


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