FurtherTime (Demo)

3D Action Games
  • Developer: Maxim Vorsobine
  • Home page: webcenter.ru
  • License type: Commercial
  • Size: 1.77 MB
  • Download


FurtherTime is a space combat simulator. Extremely realistic 3D modeling and breathtaking dynamics as the most attractive features of the game will accompany you while flying your space fighter and fighting against enemy wings of fighters, bombers, and interceptors. There are also heavy ships in the battle. FurtherTime 1.0 is now available at FurtherTime Home Page. All the breathtaking action in this visually realistic 3D world with incredible detailed star fighters, bombers, interceptors, mid-size frigates with landing sites and huge cruisers with true 3D hangars immerses player in a really exciting environment of space combat.


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