Arabic alphabet printable worksheets in title


Sergej Klimuk

This convenient Outlook add-n is not just replacing the standard "Contacts Index", it is a one-click filter that will really save your time...

A basic Arabic (decimal) to Roman Numeral converter. Numbers up to 4999 inclusive.

Printable Calendars

Calendars Software

Printable calendar allows to immediately create and print off calendars of any year you wish! Simply click on the year, i.e., 2007, 2008, select the...

Al-Jawi: Arabic WordMaster Pro.


An Arabic version of a Hangman game. Arabic WordMaster Pro is an innovative, Arabic word puzzle game geared towards mastering Arabic vocabularies and...

Archibald Alphabet Minigolf

Archibald The Cat entertainment

A computer version of the popular golfing / pool game in untraditional set-up. Each of the succesive alphabetical letters serves as a particular...

Arabic alphabet printable worksheets in description

Activity Maker

Gepeto Software

Activity Maker creates over a dozen different types of vocabulary worksheets quickly and easily. You enter a list of words and definitions (or use a...

MathMaker: Skills

Gepeto Software

Just fill in a few options and moments later you have instant worksheets and activities to help your students practice their addition, subtraction...

my Math Quiz Sheets

Robert Eastman

my Math Quiz Sheets is a program designed to created printable math homework sheets. An extensive range of options allow you to fully customize the...

Vocabulary Worksheet Factory

Schoolhouse Technologies Inc.

Improve and reinforce the vocabulary skills of your students with challenging and motivating worksheet activities created with Vocabulary Worksheet...


Language Intelligence

LanguageScripter is a tiny but full featured word processor running inside Internet Explorer (version 5.5 or later) on Windows 98/ME/XP/2000 and uses...

Keepinhead Flashcards Mobile Free

Accorta Institute ltd

This is a new revolutionary educational flashcard software awarded in 2009 in the Million idea competition in Europe (2nd place of 174). THE MAIN...

SMSCaster E-Marketer

SDJ Software

SMS marketing software: Send bulk SMS with mobile phone from PC! SMSCaster E-Marketer is powerful SMS message broadcasting software for electronic...

Monkey Merge

MonkeyJob Systems

Automatically merge multiple Microsoft Word documents (doc files) and plain text files such as CSV or html files together into one big target file....

Logiccode GSM SMS ActiveX Dll

Logiccode Software

- Supports any ETSI GSM 07.05/07.07 compatible GSM modems such as Wavecom, Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, Siemens, Motorola etc and mobile phones having a...

Crossword Forge

Sol Robots

Crossword Forge is an easy to use classroom style crossword and word search puzzle maker. It quickly generates puzzles from your words for the web...


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