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my Math Quiz Sheets is a program designed to created printable math homework sheets. An extensive range of options allow you to fully customize the worksheets. You can include addition, subtraction, division, or multiplication problems (facts and tables questions); addition, subtraction problems (Patterns questions); use decimals (Facts questions); set the number of equations; line them up in two to seven columns (horizontal as well as vertical); decide the largest number to be used in the equations, and whether to use from one to five digits per problem. The output is a worksheet and an optional answer sheet. The program is also a RichText Format editor. Questions that are created may be edited, bolding and font sizes may be adjusted, and colored text used. This allows for the insertion of supplementary instructions into the math sheets as well as complete customization of the questions created. my Math Quiz Sheets offers a quick and painless way to supplement homework or provide additional practice for all ages.


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