XML Video Gallery v2

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XML driven dynamic video (FLV, RTMP, YouTube) gallery with buttons including thumbnail images. Features included: * All data can be changed in the XML file * Supports multiple FLV-Video files * Supports RTMP live stream * Plays YouTube videos * Supports FLVs and MOV , MP4 , M4A , MP4V , 3GP, 3G2 if they contain H.264 video and/or HE-AAC encoded audio * Supports video streaming with buffer * You can use a preview image / SWF * Menu buttons position set left / right from XML * You can set 1st frame of video as preview by showPreviewImage="false" & autoPlays="false" * Play-pause, rewind, sound/ volume controller, info, scale, fullscreen buttons included * You can show / hide info, fullscreen, scale, sound, center play-pause buttons or time * You can auto hide video player navigation from XML by timer * You can change button rollover alpha * You can change progress bar color * You can scale video to normal, aspect or full size view * You can set volume, buffer time * You can add watermark / logo with link, opacity, position, alpha support * You can auto-play first item & playlist * Click the video for play/pause * You can set volume, buffer time via XML * Default, rollOver, current / selected button title, description, thumbnail border & background colors * You can change button backgrounds from XML which uses gradient fill script * Video title & description font size, color, background color, alpha can be changed from XML * Includes WordPress & Joomla plugins


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