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Rank Tracker is a powerful SEO software for regular rankings checking and keyword discovery. Perfect for Webmasters and pro SEOs who need to check how their websites rank across over 370 search engines. Here's what Rank Tracker SEO tool can do for you: 1. Check where you rank for a as many keywords as you want You can quickly see your rankings in over 370 search engines. Onboard Safety features ensure safe and reliable SEO work day to day. 2. The number of websites you can monitor is unlimited Unlike with other SEO tools there's no limit to the number of websites you can check with Rank Tracker. 3. Supports more than 370 search engines You can see at a glance where your website ranks in the numerous regional versions of Google, Yahoo! and MSN including UK, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Australia, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Canada, the Netherlands, Switzerland, China, India, Poland, Singapore, Korea, and more. Besides you can check your rankings in regional search engines such as the Chinese Baidu or Russian Rambler, etc. Moreover, if the search engine you need is not supported yet, you can request it added! 4. Generates smashing keywords Powerful keyword suggestion feature of Rank Tracker SEO software will disclose numerous keywords you can effectively optimize for. Rank Tracker will also estimate KEI of each keyword so that you know which ones are the best to target. 5. Keep track of your ranking history. You have a complete picture of your website's rankings for any period of time. You can arrange this statistics in a visual graph or a table chart. 7. Draft reports on your rankings, KEI statistics and other data. You can quickly customize the reports to only display the info you need. 8. Cross-platform SEO software for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Rank Tracker will run smoothly both on your home PC and your MacBook.

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