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WebSite Auditor is an advanced SEO tool that helps you optimize your web pages and write effective content using methods that have really proved to work. This software is ideal for any webmaster, professional SEO or a copywriter from an experienced one to a complete newbie. WebSite Auditor not only gives you comprehensive information on onpage optimization strategies of successful players in your niche but also generates your own unique optimization plan. That is, this SEO tool designs your optimization plan that using tricks others used before. This way you can acquire optimization strategies of your top 10 competitors, improve them and - rank higher. In a blink of an eye WebSite Auditor will show ideal keyword density in all the elements of your page - title, body, headers etc. All the data is presented as an easy-to-read customizable report that helps you optimize your own page step-by-step. With WebSite Auditor you can: - Investigate how your competitors got to rank so high - Learn what search engines need from you to put you on top positions - Learn how to adjust your pages to search engines' demands - Introduce changes into your webpage under WebSite Auditor's guidance - Inspect your own webpage for SEO "problem areas" - Learn how to turn your "problem areas" into profit areas - Take advantage of step-by-step optimization advice - Get answers to optimization questions that are bothering you and much more! Considering its' powerful features and today's price-tag, WebSite Auditor is a zero-risk purchase. Download and try it now!

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