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HtmlSS will turn your pictures into web pages fast! It is easy to use and allows you to easily view, edit, and publish your images to Html/Web pages. Add a captions for each picture and choose from plenty of options to customize the look of your web pages. HtmlSS will also create thumbnails, local slide shows, 3 different formats of web pages, including thumbnail galleries that link to other pages or directly to a larger view of the image. An advanced feature allows you to use your own format as a template and HtmlSS will apply your pictures and captions for a truly custom look! The interface and online help file make HtmlSS easy to use. Preview images as you add them to the project. You can even do several basic image editing function, and save the image to any of the supported formats! View your images full screen, one at a time, or in a slide show, then when you are ready easily create web pages for viewing locally or publishing to the Web. HtmlSS is a good value, has powerful features, is easy to use, and is well documented.

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