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Manage everything from the admin panel: content, templates, ratings/comments, users, everything. Manage Categories from the admin panel: Add/edit/delete an unlimited number of categories and sub categories. Add, edit and manage all content in categories/sub-categories: articles, tips, jokes, pictures/images, audio files, video files, and flash games can be added to any category and mixed as you want so you can get exactly the structure you want for your site. Users can rate all content and add comments. Comments has to be approved by admin to be visible and user has to be logged in to add a comment (eliminates comment spam). Admin can enable or disable the possibility for users to rate content or add comments. Admin can manage the rating/comments of users. Pictures: Clicking on a picture enlarges it to it's full size. Audio & Video: User can watch videos and can listen to audio files. Videos can be viewd in full screen mode by double clicking on it when it runs. Games: User can play flash games directly in their browser. Add, edit and manage two types of links: Normal and Quick Links. For normal links that are displayed on the links page you can add a description for each link Users can suggest quick links (requires admin approval). Have your site visitors contribute links to the hottest content in your niche! and user has to be logged in to suggest a link (eliminates link spam). Quick links are displayed in the QUICK LINKS AREA on all pages (see left side of online demo). Admin can enable or disable to possibility for users to suggest links. Send members news for site members that have registred and chosen to subscribe to the members news from the admin section. Add your external autoresponder sign-up from code for the newsletter page so you can do serious email marketing and collect business leads. Change look and feel of your site with a single click. Select any of the 10 available themes.

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