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Completely Template Based No complicated code to edit Just paste your HTML file from admin panel and each sales letter can have its own individual look! Edit all emails on your browser from admin area You can run a successful shopping cart store even if you're a newbie Supports Unlimited Number of Products You can sell unlimited number of products No need to install on multiple servers! PayPal / StormPay IPN Just enter your PayPal/StormPay emails and the program does the rest If customer does not have PayPal or StormPay, the buttons will not appear on their affiliate page. Easy to make affiliate commission payments Create a paypal mass payment file, log in to your paypal account and click the mass pay link at the bottom of the page, upload the mass payment file, then press mass pay and you are done. Now you can pay all your affiliates in a couple of minutes instead of spending days every month doing it. This feaure alone is worth the price of this software. Intelligent Cross-Prospecting Follow-Up Emails Unlimited number of follow-up emails for each product Follow-up emails sent at the same time that they purchased the product! Invaluable in enticing your customers to buy your other products! Choose If To Allocate Affiliate Rights After Customer Buys Product! For each product choose if customer must buy the product to get an affiliate link! Intelligent fraud detection system to prevent cheating on affiliate commissions, e.g. customer cannot order from their own affiliate link Personalized Marketing Emails And Banners Submit marketing emails and banners from admin panel - they are personalized for each affiliate Mass Email Feature Send personalized email to each customer in the whole database Send personalized email to a single customer Detailed Sales/Affiliate Stats Both admin and customers have detailed Sales/Affiliate Stats

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