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Beatware Mobile Designer is a complete SVG authoring environment for creating interactive SVG content for cell phones, PDA's and the World Wide Web. Beatware Mobile Designer promises to simplify and speed production of SVG graphics, animations and complete Web sites by allowing SVG text and graphic content creation using drawing and animation tools familiar to digital artists the world over. Developers have long recognized the power SVG offers for creating animations, but were challenged with the task of hand coding - a very time consuming and expensive process. With Beatware Mobile Designer, graphic designers can now create fully interactive SVG content without any knowledge of the underlying SVG file format, and deliver these applications in a fraction of time. Beatware Mobile Designer includes sophisticated tools and features that take the guesswork out of delivering designs for particular delivery platforms. For example, if the target device is a cell phone that can only display SVG Tiny 1.1 content, designers can select the SVG Tiny 1.1 Profile and automatically disable all features not supported by this standard. Furthermore, designers can create custom profiles to match future standards or unique device specifications. In addition, Beatware Mobile Designer includes the ability to read external XML data files and inject data from those files directly into existing content. This feature, when coupled with Beatware's Live Assets graphics server product, allows on-the-fly graphics generation using live data feeds from anywhere on the Internet - without ever writing a single line of code. Everything from up to the minute, localized weather reports to current business data can be viewed by anyone with a wireless device.

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