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e-Picture Pro 4.0 combines world-renowned graphic design, page layout and vector animation tools with a host of new features and capabilities. Intuitive, powerful and easy-to-use, e-Picture 4.0 provides everything you need to express your creativity, and take your work to a whole new level. With e-Picture Pro, you can: - Use standard design and layout tools to easily create high-quality graphics and animations and enhance your site with sophisticated gradients, filters effects and animation capabilities. - Create graphics and animations for cell phones, PDA’s and similar wireless devices without any hand coding. e-Picture Pro contains support for both SVG Tiny and SVG Basic. There are even built-in constraints you can activate that will prevent you from using features in e-Picture Pro that aren’t supported by your target SVG format. - Create everything from 3D bar charts to executive dashboards and populate them with data straight from Excel with just a few clicks of the mouse. You can even create your own completely custom business graphics to impart just the right impression. e-Picture Specs : - Complete animations in no time with click-and-drag tweening. - Create realistic movement using the tweening wizard - Add flair to your animation using build-in text effects - Enhance the appearance of your site with masks and rollovers - Apply sophisticated gradients, patterns and filter effects - Make data driven charts and graphs (importing data from Microsoft® Excel®) - Create, import and export SVG files without any hand-coding - Preview and save your files in Flash, SVG Tiny, SVG Basic and full SVG - Import Photoshop® (while retaining layers) and Illustrator®, 3D Studio Max®, LightWave3D®, DXF, or any bitmap format such as GIF, JIPEG, TIFF, TARGA, etc.. - Export to a wide variety of animated web formats including Flash, SVG and animated GIF e-Picture Pro is the perfect complement to Microsoft FrontPage®, Macromedia®, Dreamweaver

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