System Maintenance and Repair Utilities


Saves you from the grief caused by corrupted vital files and Registry information in Windows 98. It provides a fast, simple way to find and fix these problems. It dynamically maintains backup copies of all vital Win98 files in a Safe subfolder. Should disaster occur, WinSafe98 enables you to start thecomputer, isolate the problem, and fix what's wrong -- using the tools included. It offers several restore options, including special support for DOS and Windows Safe Mode. Offering more features and functionality than Microsoft's ERC utility, it incorporates a free-disk-space/hardware diagnostic tool, automatic Registry backup, system boot options, a virus scanner, and more. Notification at startup and shutdown isprovided if any system files have changed. WinSafe98 also offers links to lots of Windows utilities, such as the System Editor, Regedit, MSD, Scandisk, Defrag, and more. It's easy to use and might just save you from some major headaches.


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