WinRescue ME (for Windows ME)

System Maintenance and Repair Utilities
  • Developer: Super Win Software
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  • License type: Commercial
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Four Utilities in One: Crash Fixer, File Backup, RegPack, and Windows Troubleshooter. Don't spend hours reinstalling Windows ME, restore in minutes with WinRescue ME. Backup files, directories, and types of files. Featureslisted below. The Crash Fixer saves you the hassle of spending hours reinstalling Windows by restoring it and all of its settings in minutes. It allows backup and restoring of the Registry, eleven different files, the Start Menu, the Desktop, Favorites, Send To, Net Hood, Application Data, and Recent items. A Boot Disk can be made which initiates WinME to the beginning menu. WinME Setup Disks and WinME ERD disk can be created from WinRescue ME and the WinME CD. WinRescue Backups can be placed anywhere on the hard drive, on diskette, or on zip drive. ADOS version of WinRescue ME is available to restore the registry from DOS or Win9?, if WinME won't start. Backup daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly or use Windows' Scheduler. Backups can be protected by a password. File Backup allows any or all files to be backed up. Use wildcards to specify files to include or exclude from the Backup. Extractor extracts individual files from a backup. Full, Incremental (back up files that have changed since Full or Incremental Backup), Differential (back up files that have changed since Full Backup), or Replace Backup. RegPack does a defrag of the Registry making the registry smallerand more efficient. The Troubleshooter runs WinME's troubleshooters to help figure out what is wrong. WinRescue ME works only with WindowsME.


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