Uninstall Plus! 2004

System Maintenance and Repair Utilities


Uninstall Plus! 2004 is the newest way to completely uninstall programs and remove any traces of the uninstalled program on your computer, scan identify and remove errors in your registries, manage the programs which run at computer boot and make the boot process take less time , having your computer up and running in seconds. To uninstall programs all you have to do is double click the program you want to uninstall, and Uninstall Plus! will lead you thru a painless smooth uninstall process. If is hard to locate the program you want uninstalled you can use the incorporated search system. Enter a key word, program's name, or even couple letters of program's name, letter[s] that program might start with. All the programs which contain the word (letter[s]...etc) you have entered will be highlighted so you can easily locate the program you want uninstalled. In case an error occurs Uninstall Plus! allows you to correct it to any malfunction of your computer. Uninstall Plus! incorporates a start up manager allowing you to customize the programs which start at computer's boot so your computer will start booting at its real speed again.You can easily identify the starting programs by looking at its icon, or by visiting it's location on your hard drive. Uninstalling programs can save you lot of space, effort and headache by keeping your computer and its operating system clean all times. It saves you from having to recover you computer from fatal errors or even reinstalling the operating system. Start up manager allows you to keep control of the programs starting at computer's boot so no unnecessary programs are loaded and no extra time is wasted. Uninstall Plus! was designed to offer you a quicker and better solution in cleaning your computer and have it running at its real speed all the time


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