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StartupXPert is a powerful utility that displays and allows to manage "startup" programs. When Microsoft® Windows starts, it automatically launches some programs. Some of these programs are standard system utilities or tools from independent vendors. In any way, it is very useful to know, which programs are running every time when you reboot your computer. It's not easy to find out, what's running at your system's startup. Windows stores information about startup programs in many various locations. Of course, it's not pleasant to open all of these locations and look for startup items. Now you have the solution of this problem - StartupXPert ! It automatically scans all these locations and displays all found programs. Now, with the help of StartupXPert, you can also: - add new programs, including drag-and-drop from Windows Explorer; - delete programs; - temporary disable programs without deletion; - enable disabled programs; - launch selected programs; - open Startup Folder and System Registry (regedit.exe required); - monitor the list of programs for updates. The last feature is a kind of protection against "Trojans", the programs, that are installed on your computer without your permission and does a harm for you (running at system's startup) - for example, they can give the unauthorized access to your computer (the most famous tool is Back Orifice) or steal your dial-up passwords. StartupXPert will automatically detect that the new startup program was added and immediately inform you about it. In any case, StartupXPert will make your work pleasant and convenient ! StartupXPert is helpful for both system administrator and home user - easy to use, fast and compact, with powerful functionality ! StartupXPert has a convenient, intuitively-clear user interface, work with it will be for you pleasant.


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