Disk Maintenance and Repair Utilities


A Windows port driver that emulates as fully as possible the low-level functionality of a hard disk (up to 2GB!) or a 1.44MB or 2.88MB floppy drive. RamDisk98 supports much larger disks than Microsoft's ramdrive.sys (which is limited to 32MB) and the RamDisk98 drive can be compressed usingWindows DriveSpace. For RAM disks configured to emulate a hard disk, RamDisk98 allows the user to select the drive letter for the RAM drive. In addition, RamDisk98 can be configured to automatically load a disk image at startup and save the image to disk at shutdown, as well as to save the disk image at fixed time intervals. This allows the RAM disk to function almost exactly like a hard disk - no data is lost when the power is turned off! The ability to useRamDisk98 to load and save images automatically makes it a neat, self-contained solution to many RAM disk problems.


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