Misc Utilities


TrayService program is multifunctional system utility. Having small size nevertheless it substitutes well dozens of different service utilities. Here some of services given by TrayService program: - Information about distribution of memory, time of system work, frequency of installed processor, degree of processor load (dynamic). - Quick cleaning of Recycle Bin, Clipboard, folder of system temporary files, folder of temporary Internet files, Cookie folder, Recent folder. Additionally there is a master for selective deleting, copying and moving files in the computer. - Quick access to system and special folders, access to options of Control Panel. - Start of calling window for working in Internet as well as master for quick creation of new connections. - Quick opening and closing, blocking trays of 1 or more CD-ROM, DVD-ROM. - Blocking access to keyboard and mouse. - Representation of list of performing tasks (including hidden ones) with possibility of completion of any task as well as shift of emphasis of any task. - Disabling of key combination CTRL+ALT+DEL. - Cutting of large files into pieces for removing to diskettes or other carriers of small capacity. - Encoding and decoding of different files. - Compression of files of different types. - Switching, reloading of system. - Translation of monitor into waiting mode. - Quick change of video-mode. - Control of volume of soundcard. - Nonrecoverable deleting of different files from disk. - Editor of program autoload. - Editor of filename extension. - Saving screen or any window into graphics file. - Integrated module for control of hidden possibilities of Windows having more than 250 different tunings!


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