Raise Data Recovery for NTFS

Disk Maintenance and Repair Utilities


With Raise Data Recovery for NTFS you can recover recently deleted files from your NTFS-formatted disks even if they are deleted from recycle bin. Raise Data Recovery for NTFS can index fast your partition to find and recover your deleted files. Raise Data Recovery advanced 'Recover lost partition' option allows you to scan your disks to find your NTFS partitions that where lost after disk re-formatting, re-partitioning or partition table crash. Raise Data Recovery for NTFS will allow you to find such lost NTFS partition and recover files from there. Both recovery methods allows you to finish recovery (optionally) with RAW 'Ultimate' recovery that works even on fully-damaged disk partitions and allows recover lost data or data fragments with advanced heuristic analysis. Key features: * Simple file recovery wizard that will guide even novice user through files recovery process; * NTFS Explorer - allows you to browse your NTFS partitions , both existing and lost; * Independent disk reader engine: not depends of Windows-detected partitioning; * Complete NTFS recovery toolset: Undelete, Find lost partitions, Ultimate (RAW) recovery with heuristic data analysis; * Extra-fast disk scanner: works at maximum possible for physical hardware speed; * Files save/recover option: recover files, file groups and folders (for directories, file groups and individual compressed files or files over 64k - available after registration); * Simple GUI, no many settings; find and browse tools etc. to make your work easier!

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