RadarSync 2007

Access Control Utilities


RadarSync 2007 is an easy to use system checkup that keeps your computer safe and working longer by finding driver and software updates for your system. RadarSync 2007 prevents computer problems such as computer crashes, security holes and bugs, components and peripherals that don't work properly, and a slow computer. RadarSync checks your PC against our database of over 80,000 files and provides you with a detailed list of recommended driver and software updates. Version 1 is fully integrated with the new version of RadarSync's system checkup, which detects more updates, and runs more smoothly. It also has new features such as version history, which lets you track and install earlier versions of an update. The new version also includes Protection, which lets you easily set a system restore point before installing each update, making it simple to rollback to previously installed versions if you're unhappy with an update.


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