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PowerPressed has been designed as a unique software add-in for the Microsoft® PowerPoint® application; its purpose is to enable the user to simply, quickly and efficiently optimize any PowerPoint® presentation to the appropriate size for communicating across networks and the Internet. PowerPressed is an amazing communications tool that can optimize PowerPoint® presentations by up to 95%! PowerPressed produces a file that is a fraction of the original size without altering the .ppt format. PowerPressed has created a one click solution to the problem of bulky PowerPoint® files. With the simple user interface, you can compress files at the touch of a button. It installs directly into the PowerPoint® tool bar.. Some key features of PowerPressed Compresses the size of presentations so that they are portable while still maintaining their PowerPoint® file format and functionality. Ease of use: Simple Intuitive User Interface gives the user more control over their data. Retains the original presentation file leaving it untouched whilst making compression changes to a copy of the presentation. Helps to accelerate a user's transfer of email and web site downloads. Optimizes corporate internal network traffic and file transfer limitations. Many customizable options have been added to allow users to find their own custom balance between compression and quality. Examples of Use: PowerPressed could be a solution for a corporation, university, law firm, medical facility, or a single user wishing to share their conference presentations, sales portfolio presentations, teaching presentations or training classes on their web site for download. Ensures your presentations get through email gateways’ and ‘ROI proven time and again No stepping in and out of PowerPoint – simply a one click solution Used by Corporations world wide, PowerPressed unlocks the power of communication.

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