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Secure data wiper software enables you to quickly, safely, easily and completely wipe your all the deleted confidential files from disk. Software permanently wipes erased data from your hard disk by overwriting all the information with system generated random data and ensure deleted data never to be recovered in future. Tool provides full confidence about your deleted sensitive personal information that is unrecoverable. Software provides complete removal of internet history files, cookies, cache, typed URL and auto fill from your storage media. Data wiper utility supports complete deletion of unused spaces from storage media. Utility erase activity traces of various application files like Microsoft access, management console, excel, word, power point, wordpad, media player and paint. Data wiper software clean all links to recently open documents, started programs, mapped network devices and search results that your computer stores. Software removes temporary system files like administrator s temporary files, recycle bin recent documents, network folder, clipboard contents, windows event log and system registry traces. Features: * Software cleans your computer from many traces and links of internet activity. * Data wiper software permanently wipes your deleted data from disk through overwriting all of the data with random data. * Provides easy to understand and safe user friendly graphical user interface GUI for permanent data removal. * Utility completely wipes your unused clusters which are not currently linked with any FAT or NTFS supported file system. * Deletes multiple files and directories from hard disk. * Data wiper wipes all type of external storage media like USB drive, memory stick, pen drive etc. * Software support wiping of deleted data on Windows 98, 2000, ME, NT, 2003, XP and Windows XP media center.

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