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There was a time when upgrading to a new hard drive meant hours of downloading your data, applications, and operating systems to discs; then more hours of reinstalling everything to the new hard drive. With Paragon Drive Copy, you can quickly and easily create an exact copy of your hard disk, including the operating system, applications, preferences, settings, and data. Drive Copy Personal allows you to: - Copy your entire hard drive or individual partitions to a new drive - Create a quick disk-to-disk backup copy of your hard drive - Make the new drive bootable in the event your hard drive fail - Schedule drive copy or partition copy operations for backup and archive Main features: - Copy hard disk Wizard. Copy entire hard drives. Choose the drive to copy and set your options tocopy an existing drive to a specified target drive. - Copy partition Wizard. Copy individual hard drive partitions with a few easy mouse clicks. - One button copy Wizard. Drive Copy automatically selects the first drive with data and the first empty drive and then performs the copy. - Hot Copy Technology. Migrate all your data and applications online without significant performance delays. - Drive Copy CD. Create a bootable CD or DVD with a fully functional version of Drive Copy.

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