Paragon Drive Backup Server Express 2008

Backup and Copy Utilities


All the needs of small companies in one solution for inexpensive and easy-to-perform server backup. Drive Backup Server Express 2008 is a solution to provide advanced backup and restore functionalities for the never uncovered segment of market. The new strategy of backup is explained through the product idea. It was designed specially for such small companies that don’t usually have their own IT Administrator and use out sources for occasional backups because of the limited budget. Thus their information is in great danger, because it really needs almost everyday backups and there are no. Paragon Drive Backup Server Express provides with the advanced professional functionally and easy to work with interface at the same time. It gives the opportunity to work with server backup without any help from the administrator. Also, the software doesn't require additional special hardware to work with, the user can use what he already has, and even perform the restore from the bare metal state. As for the usability, Paragon Drive Backup Server Express will never interrupt the work process, because there is a possibility to make partitioning and backup operations on the fly with Paragon Hot Backup (TM) Technology, just on the background. The information becomes really safe during its coming to the company. The product minimizes IT costs of small companies, reduces company server downtime, lets work without interrupting and gives even more opportunities for just $250.


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