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JASP is an File Spliting Utility. You can use this utility to Split Large files into smaller parts & then merge them together when required. This utility produces a .bat file which when you double click all the seperate files will be merged into the original file. When Merging you do not require the utility to be installed in the target machine. This Utility comes in very handy when you have to either copy a large file from one system to another or when you want to email a very large file, which you cannot do at a single go beacuse of size limit. Features: Easy to Use Can choose your Own Custom File Sizes Remembers Last 7 recently used Output Directories Windows Shell Integration - Right Click in Explorer & invoke JASP Supports Drag & Drop Minimizes to Systray for easy Access ! Displays ToolTips for all controls, helpfull for new users ! Can Store upto 8 Different Custom Split Sizes Set your favourite split size as default, so that JASP starts with your choosen split size Small, Quick & Free ! JASP can Handle files upto 4 GB in size!

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