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For what is disk space analysis necessary? It is obvious to know in what condition a hard disk is, what problems it has, what elements it includes and many other things. Finally, how can you solve the problems if not to diagnose them? And it is necessary to analyze disk space for such diagnosis. Disk space analysis and disk space management are not simple employment. It is impossible to do it manually, or the results of such work will be poor-quality. That is why you will need reliable and effective tool to analyze disk space. We will talk about one of such tools - Directory Size. Program Directory Size has been developed by Moleskinsoft team for disk space analysis and disk space management. In the program the "window" principle of the interface is realized: the program window is divided into some windows in which it is possible to perform the independent part of work and to pass in other window. Despite the autonomy, all windows are interconnected and subordinated to one problem – to analyze disk space. For example, in one window there is search and initial representation of some directory for search, in other one - detailed analysis of used disk space for the directory, in the third one there is the visual representation of the analysis results. The program uses practically all possibilities required for disk space analysis beginning from calculation of volume of each element (in bytes and percentage) and ending a filter and data sorting. In spite of the fact that the basic work is conducted in windows, it is impossible to carry out disk space analysis and disk space management without a toolbar and the menu panel. In Directory Size both panels are used. For example, the toolbar allows to filter the data presented in the results of the search - on extension, size and owner. Other interesting possibility if you need to analyze disk space easy is the choice of measure units (bytes, kilobytes, megabytes).

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