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Recently released Intacros is not only a keyboard macros editor, but also a fully automated and self-learning Windows 2000/XP/2003 auto-complete software to define repeated keystrokes and assign macros to them while you are typing or editing a text. Intacros works with any text processors including console applications (like a command prompt) and is helpful for developers and users operating with texts, especially typing texts with lots of long specific words that are used frequently. Editors, writers, reporters and chat users could find this software valuable as well. Intacros is different from other autocomplete tools. It automatically completes the most frequently used words only so it doesn't require the persistent screen monitoring to look for the word you need in the pop-down list. Intacros equally shows auto-complete tips for the most frequently used words only. As a language-independent program, Intacros remembers words while a user enters them, so this one doesn't need any dictionaries. Another advantage is that Intacros remembers parts of the words rather than expressions, and works with operating symbols as well. This feature is useful for programmers and if a word has different endings. Intacros is not a typical autocomplete tool due to its concept of "interlearning" which allows a user to learn to use this software and the software to learn to provide the user with necessary information only. Unlike other autocomplete tools, the user should memorize the most frequently used words and tell the software when it operates well and when it does not, in order to adjust its settings. On the other hand, Intacros provides the user with useful information gradually to be more understandable. So users don't need any special instruction to work with Intacros.


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