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Internet explorer password uncover tool successfully and completely recovers your lost or forgotten saved internet explorer passwords as well as AutoComplete strings including e-mail account, newsgroup subscription accounts, online shopping, magazine forms and other similar password protected internet explorer web forms and windows applications and save the recovered information to text file for future reference. Email password recovery tool recover misplaced or forgotten passwords of various email accounts like Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, Verizon, Earth Link, Comcast, AOL, MSN and other email accounts. Asterisk password unmask tool is read-only and non-destructive utility proficient to unmask saved windows application passwords like Auto Form, AutoComplete passwords and FTP passwords. Internet explorer passwords unmask utility supports multilingual password recovery. Administrator password revealer tool supports all major versions of Internet Explorer including IE7 and IE8. Windows application password recovery software recover saved password for chat messenger of all type including Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, Rediff or other Email account. The password revealer tool provides a simple solution to unmask the password of FTP Client software. Software Features: * Internet explorer password unmask program easily and safely recovers all forgotten internet explorer passwords including Emails, news group and chat messengers password. * The password unmask application can be used as forensic tool for investigation purpose. * Software provides interactive graphical user interface which makes it easy for non-technical users to operate. * Utility supports all major versions of Internet Explorer. *Software can retrieve password on Windows 98 ME NT 2000 2003 XP and Windows Vista operating system

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