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GSplit is a free original file splitter that lets you split your large files (like compressed archives, multimedia, song, music, movie, backup, Zip, picture, log, large text and document files...) into a set of smaller files called pieces. These pieces are easier to copy or backup to floppies, CD, DVD, USB or any disk; to send by email or upload with file hosting services (forget size restrictions!); to share with friends, colleagues or to distribute to other users through networks and the Internet. In addition to the features of other standard file splitters, GSplit can: - create two types of pieces: disk spanned and blocked (specific size). Either enter the size for each piece file, the number of pieces to create or the number of lines / occurrences of a pattern by piece. - generate small Self-Uniting programs (.exe) so anyone without GSplit can assemble pieces and restore the original file. The appearance and functionality of these programs can be customized. - split very large files (bigger than 4 GB) or small files (less than 100 kb). - restore file properties: file date, attributes are not lost. - perform fast checks to detect file corruption (size, offset, CRC32) and to assure that files are successfully restored by users. - customize piece files according to your needs (size, filenames, title, author...), leave additional space on disks... - split large text and similar files like huge server log files by number of lines or occurrences of a specified pattern. - support splitting multiple files in one time, work with batch (automating) and command line options. - store settings into profiles (XML) for possible reuse. - support GUI skins. - integrate Windows Explorer (split files with the context menu). GSplit finally features an intuitive user interface that makes operations easy and fast, has multilanguage support, and provides you with advanced options for pieces and Self-Uniting executable files... GSplit lets you split any file in a snap.

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