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The Easy Batch Builder is a useful windows application that provides a simple and easy way of creating DOS batch files. You can use batch files for performing frequently used commands or operations. Whether you are new to batch files or are an experienced user, this program will help you on your way to creating fast, efficient batch files. For the beginner there are simple, easy to follow routines for adding various commands to the batch file, whereas the more advanced user can make use of the quick fingertip access to command templates and file names/paths whilst typing their batch file into the editor. Easy Batch Builder version 2 is now available, and boasts numerous new features and an improved user interface and help file system. Free to try for 15 times, EBB 2.0 will need to be registered to continue usage after this limit has expired. EBB 1.0, the previous version of the Easy Batch Builder, will remain a freeware program. Other features in EBB v. 2.0 include support for the 'if' and 'for' commands, batch file variables, and a syntax checker, not to mention the little things like customisable colour schemes and a recent file list (EBB v. 2.0 provides an option 'Edit with EBB' when you right click a batch file in Windows Explorer as well).


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