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Program Clone Remover is one of the most popular means in the market of image comparers. What allows to say this? Firstly, the program is simple and easy in usage. Don’t you trust? Start and check up! You will notice at once that unlike the majority of standard programs the photo comparer doesn’t include heavy and difficult menus, tool panels, etc. On the contrary, the image comparer consists of the several windows accessible to understanding even of the beginner. The windows are replaced by the principle of logic sequence. That is if you have chosen any option the photo comparer automatically passes to the window corresponding to it. Thus, the photo comparer work is constructed by the principle of dialogue and interactivity with the user. Secondly, Clone Remover is very effective in work with duplicate files. We will result it on the example of image duplicate files. How to remove these files? The image comparer compares pictures and compares photographs after that it takes out "verdict": whether the compared files are duplicates. How to compare pictures? To compare photographs the image comparer defines how much the duplicates coincide among themselves by certain criteria. Here they are. File format (gif, jpg, bmp, png, psd, etc.). Resolution – i.e. the number of pixels vertically and horizontally (for example, 1152*864). Color depth. It means the number of bits used to encode a pixel (16 bits, 32 bits, 64 bits and so on). They are major factors the program uses when compares pictures. After the program will check up the files on level of similarity of these criteria it solves whether it’s possible to consider files to be identical ones (duplicates). If yes Clone Remover gives out them in the form of duplicates in the window of results and then the user is free to choose whether he wishes to remove these files or not.

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