CPR 2000 (Windows 98/98 SE/ME)

System Maintenance and Repair Utilities


CPR 2000 is a set of tools that will definitely increase your overall system speed! Including System Tune Up, Internet Tune Up, Video/3D Card Tune Up, Swap File Control, Cache Control, RAM Optimizer and Self-Tune Express!CPR 2000 is the ultimate tune up and maintenance tool for Windows 98, Second Edition and Millennium Edition! CPR 2000 will make your system and hardware run faster, smoother and at peak quality! CPR 2000 comes with an excellent documentation - making it easy to optimize EVERY system!As a bonus, CPR 2000 comes also with a programs revealer - finding little-known programs in Windows 98, Second Edition and Millennium Edition! - and a collection of keyboard shortcuts to help you manage and run Windows faster!CPR 2000 comes with an integrated critical files backup tool! This will enable users to 'tweak' their system without losing valuable information.


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