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Program Features - Support 2 use modes Basic Mode (for beginner users) Advanced Mode (for expert users) - Display the list of installed programs with it's icons - Support displaying 32 bit icons in programs list - Support 4 view modes (Large icons-Small icons-List-Details) - Install programs to your computer - Uninstall programs and clean it from the programs list (Remove program registry entries) - Export any program uninstall information to Reg file - Create Backup for uninstall information for all installed programs & Restore it - Create report for installed programs contains all it's information in registry (Program name, Program version, Publisher, support URL, Etc…) and save report file To text file or html file (web page) - Export installed programs list to text file also can Copy, Edit and print it - Add new entry to program list (manually) - Edit any program entry in registry by: Add new values, edit exist values or delete it - Search for program by it's name or by publisher name - Change programs icons (icon in the add\Remove list) - Create shortcut for programs (Installation folder, Publisher site, Support site) - Display programs uninstall information (Name, Size, Path, Publisher, Etc…) - All Program Info dialog can display: All installed program number All installed program size (program files folder size) Each program folder in program files and shows its size - History Dialog can show you all installed and uninstalled programs information (Programs installed and uninstalled from Add-Remove Master) Like: Program name, Installation and Uninstallation time If Installation or Uninstallation process complete successfully or not And can print this history information - Open a quick link to programs (folder, company site or support site)

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