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Watch Sun & Moon passing across your desktop. Observe the Sun and the Moon like you can see them in the sky. When the Sun/Moon rises, you will notice that a small icon of the Sun/Moon rises on the left side of your taskbar, exactly where you've got the 'start' button. And it sails through your desktop, then the evening comes and your tiny icon of Sun/Moon sets on the right side, just where you've got the clock. You have got nothing to do but type the correct coordinates (lat., long., timezone) for your location, and you can enjoy the show. This software does not show correctly the eclipses of the Sun or the Moon. This means you might sometimes see your Moon hide the Sun. It does not necessarily means, there's an eclipse, just they are close to each other. This software does not display the Sun or the Moon in the arctic or antarctic regions, but does any other calculations (you'll get "Sun/Moon up/down all day" warnings) ! You can use this product for fifteen days, then you have to stop using it, or you can pay for the registration code and you can use this software without limitations. The registration fee is only US$5.

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