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Create custom Windows screens with Screen Booty and transform your boring default screens. You can capture, customise, send and save them! Developed for Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP, Screen Booty's capabilities correlate to the version of Windows that you run.It has a slick, easy-to-use interface. No design experience is needed! Plus you don't need to know anything about Windows resources. Screen Booty takes command of all screen changes.With Screen Booty, you can change the following: Startup screen, Shut Down screen, Wait screen, Boot screen, Process screen, Login Box, Progress and Scroll Indicator & Logon screens.Screen Booty is the cool tool that gives you the power to personalise screens. You can create your own Logons with ease thanks to a built-in Visual Image and Text Editor. You can work with 16-colours and automatic colour optimisation. Plus, you can pick a background colour, choose your fonts, style, alignment and import image files (BMP, JPEG, GIF) and more. You can add text to your images and load/save packages of screens. Incorporating your own images is easy, so you can bring in your company logo, digital photos or favourite wallpaper. Screen Booty makes it simple to transform your Windows screens into custom creations. After you create a screen, you save it either as a package to distribute the screens or a schema to keep the images stores inside the application. Since you can save and store your screen designs, that makes it easy to carry a theme throughout your screens and give a streamlined look. Screen Booty's performance is related to the version of Windows that you run. With Windows 95/98, you can change or edit the Startup, Shut Down and Wait Screens. With Windows 2000, you can experience all of the previous capabilities, plus you can change the Boot Screen, Process and Login boxes and add your own custom-built coloured Progress and Scroll Indicator.At the Screen Booty site,, you can visit the Gallery.


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