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We use many applications in our computer. And many shortcuts accumulated on desktop and start menu. Every day you have to diddle more and more time and strain one's nerves for searching needed program. Test a RunAgent! It's indispensable utility for advanced users. RunAgent is for speed-up of launch often used programs. With the RunAgent you may create your own list of applications for quick launch. This program is invisible and appears only when you want it. And now needed applications on hand always without disorder on your screen. Benefits: * It is fast to start programs from RunAgent and it takes in 3 times less seconds then from start menu; * RunAgent is always available. Your shouldn't hide a document you work now, it's enough to direct a mouse cursor at screen border, there program is located, and to push the left button; * There is a build in technology drag & drop. You may remove wanted shortcuts in RunAgent window; * You may delete shortcuts from desktop and Quick Launch, keeping more places for documents.


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