PictoEin multi desktop manager

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This robust award wining multi desktop manager adds unlimited number of virtual desktops to your PC. PictoWin key features: . Each user sharing the same PC can setup up to 60 desktops. . In each desktop, user can setup icons and icons layout, wallpapers and wallpapers styles. . Only applications icons of applications running in the current virtual desktop appear in the taskbar. . User can use additional desktops to split applications and then reduce or avoid overlapped windows. . User can drag and drop applications from one desktop to another, switch desktop and switch directly to any application in any desktop. . PictoWin desktops bar tool gives an overview of the applications running on your PC. . Users can define hot keys to navigate among the desktops or backup and restore desktops configuration settings. . Each user can configure his own set of virtual desktops without interfering with other users sharing the same PC. . Comprehensive help file and online interactive help tips are included. . Interface and help tips are provided in English, French and German.


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